The New 10 Years

This is a blog about the new post-lockout era of football. I post any news that happens around the league and will now start posting just pictures of player favorites.

Mark Sanchez said it himself, he is willing to restructure his contract to win games. Meaning that he will take a paycut this season in order to help keep some of their own free agents. Although he is willing to take a paycut, it does not necessarily mean that the Jets will be able to sign their key guys. Santonio Holmes has stated that there will be no hometown discount, and Antonio Cromartie has stated the exact same thing. This leaves Brad Smith and Braylon Edwards as most easily to sign. Santonio Holmes holds more value than Edwards having caught touchdowns in 2 overtime games. Brad Smith holds value too as he is the quarterback of their Wildcat offense and as a Punt Returner. The Jets are in a sticky situation having to make a decision on who to sign. My instincts tell me that they sign Holmes and Smith, and go after a solid corner that will demand less money than Cromartie.

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